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Live-In Care Services

We cover the south eastern Michigan region. Our caregivers are passionate about providing the best companionship and personal care possible.

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About BrandyWynne

Our mission is to provide the best service, care and match for you and your family.

About BrandyWynne Agency

Our mission is to provide the best service, care, and match for you

BrandyWynne’s primary goal is to help every individual maintain a familiar lifestyle within the comfort of their own home or otherwise. Our purpose is to keep each person feeling as independent as possible. We are happy to provide the best quality home care imaginable. We cater to seniors, adolescence and kids either with special needs, disability, independent or anyone needing help.


– Cost-effective, non-medical care

– Safe & enjoyable care-giving

– Listen and adapt to client needs

– High moral and ethical standards

– Peace of mind and security

– Assist in or out of your home

– Cheerful and loyal companionship

– 24/7 round the clock coverage


Here are some happy feedbacks from our customers. Our clients love us and we love them too!

Incredible Care!

I am well respected and loved. I had an employee in my home for a while and not once did we have a bad experience with the caregiver, the caregiver was always happy to run errands, doctors’ appointments, help check emails or help fix any problems with TV or computer. The level of care, compassion and caring spirit of the caregiver was incredible. I am able to live out the rest of my life in my own home because of BrandyWynne Agency. Kudos! I can only hope to be so lucky.

Happy Client

Brandy Wynne Agency

Happy Client

I am well respected and loved. I had an employee in my home for a while and not once did 

Top Quality and Respectful!

"Because it was an all day shift, I had two caregivers for my dad who was bed bound. I was very happy with the services I received from the caregivers. My dad was comfortable in bed and was checked and changed so often. He was transferred to wheelchair when he needed to sit in the living room. The caregivers made his meals, gave him a bed bath, monitored blood pressure and vital signs, helped with medication administration, and feeding. We got quality service around the clock. I thankful to BrandyWynne Agency!"

Dr. S. - Client's Son

Brandy Wynne Agency

Dr. S. - Client's Son

“Because it was an all day shift, I had two caregivers for my dad who was bed bound. I was 

Great Service

Caregiver was caring and extremely responsible. When I needed help with my mother, I had a nice caregiver who was always happy to transport my mom to and from the local Jewish Community Center, caregiver prepared meals, helped with baths, medication Administration and always made sure my mom was happy. We did enjoy the services rendered, I felt good knowing my mom was safe and with a loving person.

Barbara G. - Client's daughter

Brandy Wynne Agency

Barbara G. - Client's daughter

Caregiver was caring and extremely responsible. When I needed help with my mother, I had a nice caregiver who was 

“Oh my you are fast”

Thank you for all your services, I am glad my friend suggested I call Brandywynne.

Nina D.

Brandy Wynne Agency

Nina D.

Thank you for all your services, I am glad my friend suggested I call Brandywynne.


Our Services

We specialize in personal, companionship and home help services. Let us serve you!

Independent Living

Our home-based services are very broad including light housekeeping, personal grooming, closet organization, meal preparation and feeding, mobility and shopping, answering the door, toileting, games and other companionship and help services.

Assisted Living

We provide personal grooming, toileting, feeding assistance, dressing, companionship and other related services.

Medical Assitance

We provide other medical-related assistance such as wound care, catheter/leg bags, special skin care, tube feeding, therapy help, and medication management.  Nothing beats having the peace of mind that someone is watching your loved one.

Diet & Nutrition

We work with the patient and their family to:

  • Manage client’s nutritional needs
  • Plan food menu
  • Grocery shop
  • Prepare meals


Our News & Blog

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“At BrandyWynne Agency we’re proud to offer, a unique companion living solution that we consider one of the greatest values in care-giving today. Our caregivers are exceptional in the love and assistance we provide.”


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Our team is made up of passionate caregivers looking share love to our clients.  We hope you would consider joining our growing family!

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You enjoy working with seniors and have plenty of experience providing companionship, assistance, and care. Maybe you’ve cared for your own parents or grandparents, or worked at an assistant living facility or nursing home. You know you’re qualified.

So why do you need to get certified? Certification will help you gain the trust of seniors and their families by giving you credibility above and beyond your hands-on training. If you’re serious about a part-time or full-time career as a care provider, certifications are an excellent way to set yourself apart from other caregiver providers.

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